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Traditional Family Garden

Traditional Family Garden



Address: Holmfield way, Northampton, Northamptonshire.



Client: Mr. and Mrs. Gibbons



Status: Completed 2018



Project Description: Traditional Family Garden



A professional couple required a new garden to be designed in Northampton, to accommodate their teenage family and friends. The design brief required a new larger and  level lawn, it was requested that no ferns to be used anywhere, but tough evergreen shrub planting should be used, along rebuilt stone retaining walls a new garden path, with planting pockets for climbers to provide height and soften the neighbours new fence, a set of new feature steps to reach the top terrace from the lawn, a new fairly small greenhouse should be fitted in somewhere, and that the old hand-built potting shed should be retained, it was also requested that the design should incorporate a large family sized patio area for parties and Barbeques.


The only plant that was retained in the garden was a mature Holly tree this was to be crown reduced and shaped on an annual basis to form a narrow dome-like appearance. The trees overhanging the fence at the bottom of the garden were to be retained, whilst the lawn was stripped and the soil was ameliorated and additional new British Sugar topsoil was added to level the lawn.


To complete the focal point on the top terrace each side of the new Pergola and feature steps were planted low clipped box hedges incorporating Lavender and Rosa Gertrude Jekyll.






No project is too large or too small for our highly qualified and professional team of award-winning Garden Designers, with over 30 years of experience in designing gardens. From the garden pond or flower border right through to a large historic country estate, Kym Valley Gardens can work with you to provide the perfect garden of your dreams.

Turn Your Dream Into A Reality


Gardens are never finished they change with the seasons and plants continue to grow and change. A garden design will provide you with the ultimate concept to work towards, however not all gardens can be afforded in one go, so to complete the final garden may take several years, this will be dependent on your budget and time frame.


It is, however, possible to have a garden designed so that it can be built by the contractor in phases. In this way, a section can be completed and enjoyed, whilst the next phase is completed sometime in the near future.


For a no obligation quotation or to discuss your design and build garden requirements book your consultation today.


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