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Kym Valley Gardens


Our Design Philosophy



Our design philosophy at Kym Valley Gardens is to provide the purest response for each site, client and brief. We adopt an unfussy approach to landscape and garden design which people have termed ‘contemporary with a twist’ we explore natural and man-made materials, textural contrasts, and both sensory and visual stimulation techniques in our designs, however, we are equally at home designing within a modern or traditional aesthetic. 


Our aim is always to create gardens that not only look beautiful but which also encourage interaction with wildlife, provide the user with a sense of exploration, peace and also of tranquillity. Our planting style leans towards the natural with swathes of dynamic, sometimes billowing planting that effortlessly softens the sparing controlling effects of structural formal planting and the harshness of the landscaping features within the design structure.


We firmly believe in providing "the right plant in the right place" and wherever possible we adopt an environmentally friendly approach and use sustainable materials and methods in our designs to help reduce the clients "Carbon Footprint" and effects of rainwater runoff. Our gardens are designed with a sense of place in mind so whatever the size or type of space that you have, we will work with you to achieve the perfect planting scheme, landscape plan or garden design for your needs.






No project is too large or too small for our highly qualified and professional team of award-winning Garden Designers, with over 30 years of experience in designing gardens. From the garden pond or flower border right through to a large historic country estate, Kym Valley Gardens can work with you to provide the perfect garden of your dreams.

Turn Your Dream Into A Reality


Gardens are never finished they change with the seasons and plants continue to grow and change. A garden design will provide you with the ultimate concept to work towards, however not all gardens can be afforded in one go, so to complete the final garden may take several years, this will be dependent on your budget and time frame.


It is, however, possible to have a garden designed so that it can be built by the contractor in phases. In this way, a section can be completed and enjoyed, whilst the next phase is completed sometime in the near future.


For a no obligation quotation or to discuss your design and build garden requirements book your consultation today.






Working very closely with architects, and main contractors, we are able to provide a bespoke service that we can tailor to suit you by taking a landscape design from its concept, through planning and to completion. We have helped realise the visions of many of our clients delivering a bespoke, creative and high-quality landscape design service. 

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