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Consultation Services

Consultation Services



A design consultation with Kym Valley Gardens lasts around one hour and is arranged to discuss your requirements and expectations and hence establish the garden design brief. From this, the design fee proposal for the design of your garden will be assessed.


You may have ideas and requirements of your own that you will want to include in the design, these can be discussed and if possible included in the final design. Some initial photographs and dimensions will be taken at this stage to help the quotation process.


Alternatively, you may wish to request a consultation only option, this is is a two-hour or more detailed package to discuss any of your requirements and options, it is intended to help you start developing your own garden, or to help you understand which direction to take in developing your ideal garden.


You may just want to develop a corner of your garden or you may just need some general help and advice from a qualified garden designer then this a good option to request.  Clients can also choose this option for long term planning or when developing the garden on a self-design and build basis.

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Design Consultation



Bespoke Service



Completion Service



No project is too large or too small for our highly qualified and professional team of award winning Designers, with over 30 years of experience in Landscape Design. From the self builder to the national house builder, Kym Valley Gardens can work with you to provide an outstanding scheme.

Turn Your Dream Into A Reality


Gardens are never finished they change with the seasons and plants continue to grow and change. A garden design will provide you with the ultimate concept to work towards, however not all gardens can be afforded in one go, so to complete the final garden may take several years, this will be dependent on your budget and time frame.


It is, however, possible to have a garden designed so that it can be built by the contractor in phases. In this way, a section can be completed and enjoyed, whilst the next phase is completed sometime in the near future.


For a no obligation quotation or to discuss your design and build garden requirements book your consultation today.


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